There are many forms of dentistry


Oral care is not limited to just check-ups and necessary procedures. There are many types of dentist needs of a person. Finding Berwick dentist in Cranbourne who understands the role of healthy teeth and oral hygiene is important. Good oral health means good overall health. So it is essential to understand what exactly are your dentist needs.

Below given are the various forms of dental services. Let us help you understand what is most suitable for you:

  1. General dentistry

Only brushing is not enough for healthy teeth. Sometimes a person needs general dental practitioner to look after your teeth. General dentistry includes various procedures aimed at maintaining the health of your mouth and teeth. It is made up of regular check-ups which help in identifying current as well as future problems. High quality general dentistry can provide solutions to impending problems of teeth and mouth and prevent them before happening.

  1. Preventive dentistry

Preventive dentistry is all about protecting the natural teeth by taking appropriate dental care. Proper assessment of teeth and gums will determine the current health status of your mouth. Maintaining proper oral health today will help you prevent issues like gum diseases, cavities, enamel wear and much more. Bad breath, canker, bleeding gums, dryness are all signs of oral health neglect. Preventive treatments can repair the damages and keep your teeth healthy in future.

  1. Aesthetic dentistry

Dentistry is not always about health and hygiene. It is also about the aesthetic beauty, the appeal of your teeth. Your confident smile is as much important as the health of your teeth. Aesthetic dentistry consists of cosmetic practices which can revitalise your teeth to make your smile more beautiful. These practices include a lot of procedures some of which are teeth whitening, repairing a broken tooth or repairing the damaged ones by veneer or bonding techniques. A good Berwick dentist should be able to bring back the confidence along with beautiful teeth.

  1. Restorative dentistryDentist

Sometimes neglect of oral hygiene can lead to restorative dentistry which means repairing the damage done to the teeth. These damages could be natural or because of an injury. Restorative dentistry includes covering the damaged, broken or missing teeth successfully by bridge or crown work. These methods are very comfortable and safe. They are completely non-intrusive and give back the normal look to the teeth.

  1. Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Nitrous oxide sedation is the sedation method where unlike anaesthesia the patient remains conscious and alert throughout the dental treatment. They are completely in control of their body.

  1. Surgical & Wisdom tooth extractions

The need to extract the wisdom tooth is very common. It is the most common problem people face. Neglected oral health ultimately lead to extraction of teeth and extraction of wisdom tooth is usually the primary point. The procedure could either be smooth or very painful. It is necessary to find a good Berwick dentist to perform the extraction. Otherwise it could lead to ongoing painful problems.

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